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11 April 2022

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High Speed 1 MS/s Simultaneous Sampling with Isolated Inputs

GL980 is equipped with an isolated input mechanism to protect signals from interferrences caused by noise from other channels. 16-bit A/D converter adopted to achieve hi-speed and hi-resolution measurement.

Simultaneous sampling
GL980 utilizes simultaneous sampling to eliminate slowdown in sampling rate by using multiple A/D converters in simultaneous sampling method. Eight individual A/D converters in each channel sustains the maximum sampling speed for all eight channels to measure high speed rapid voltage fluctuation and multi-channel vibration measurement.
Sampling interval: 1 µs to 1 min (in steps of 1, 2, 5)

External sampling function
Sampling of the logger is performed in sync with an external device using an external signal input.
Maximum input frequency: 100 kHz    * B-513 Input/Output cable for GL is required.


Multifunction input

Voltage, temperature, humidity, logic and pulse measurements can all be taken simultaneously in high speed.

Measure repetitive waveforms such as vibration with instantaneous value and effective value.

Measures either instantaneous value or effective value (RMS). By utilizing the trigger feature to measure abnormal spikes in the continuous waveform, users can measure vibration abnormalities repeatedly.

Measures abnormalities in a repeated waveform by effectively measuring the corresponding RMS value.

All RMS measurement range with Crest Factor: up to 2

Scaling (Engineering unit) function

Measured voltage value can be converted to a specified engineering unit. The value can be displayed with the physical measurement value of the sensor and be saved into the data file with the converted values.

Calculation function between channels

Four arithmetic operations (Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) are available using two analog input channels.
* Data can be saved only in GBD file format.

 Example CH2 = CH3 * CH1
(CH2 is a value obtained by multiplying the values of CH3 and CH1)
* Value of calculated results are displayed and saved into data file.

Trigger function

The trigger in this unit has multiple functions including level trigger of input signal value for each channel.

 Trigger action Start or stop capturing data by triggering Trigger source Off, Measured signal level, Alarm, External, Scheduled time, Scheduled day, Elapsed time
* When trigger is used for starting action, level of measured signal can be set for each channel. Threshold Analog input: High or Rising, Low or Falling, Window-in, Window-out
Logic input: H or L (4-channel signal pattern)
Pulse input: High or Rising, Low or Falling, Window-in, Window-out
Combination: Level OR, Level AND, Edge OR, Edge AND

Alarm function & signal output

Threshold of an alarm can be set for each channel. When an alarm occurs, notification is sent by following methods.

 Alarm threshold Analog input: High, Low, Window-in, Window-out
Logic input: H or L (signal in each channel)
Pulse input: High or Rising, Low or Falling, Window-in, Window-out
 When alarm is detected 
  • Display to screen (Digital value of alarm's origin channel is displayed in red)
  • Save alarm information to measurement data file
  • Output alarm signal
    Number of channel: 4 channels (Output channel can be arranged to each source channel in OR condition.)
    Signal type: Open collector (pull-up to 5 V with 10 kΩ resistor), maximum load is the 24 V and 100 mA.
    * Requires Input/Output cable for GL series (B-513 Option).


Large Easy-to-read 7-inch LCD

Monitor data in multiple methods in addition to digital value display and full waveform display screen.

Y-T waveform monitor screen

Displays data with analog waveform and digital value. Screen can also be split into 1, 2, 4 or 8 zones to display the channels in different zones.

Digital monitor screen

Displays current data in digital value and results of real time statistical calculation. (Function: Maximum, Minimum, Peak-to-peak, and Average)
When displays only current data, it can be shown in 1, 2, 4 or 8 zones.

Past waveform monitor screen

Display the past part of the data while capturing data. Execute without stopping measurement and also scroll past data. Data screen can be switched with past and current.

XY graph monitor screen

Emulates the classic XY chart recorder. Also supports features for pen up/down and position movement.


Quick and Easy Set Up Process

Simple operation with cursor and enter keys, and menu-driven operation with six pre-set menu screens: AMP, DATA, DISP, TRIG, I/F (Interface) and OTHER.

Other helpful functions

Delivers reliable measurements out at a location with unstable power supply.
Equipped with three types of options for power source, AC adapter, DC input, and battery pack. With a battery pack, GL980 runs continuously for approximately 2 hours. If an AC power failure occurs, it will automatically switch from the AC adapter to the battery pack. Additionally, when the voltage of the battery pack reaches low, measurement is automatically stopped after saving the data file preserving the accumulated data. (Requires two battery packs (B-569 option) installed.)

Instrument is in compliance with JIS Vibration Test Method for Automobile Type 1 Class A.
(Vibration durability test: 5 m/s²)

Storage case (B-581)
Portable case to store GL980 and signal input cables for easy handling.
* The case is not to protect from hard impact.

Protect the main body from cosmetic damages and minor impacts. GL980 is shipped with cover attached.
* The cover is not to protect from hard impact.


Supports large built-in RAM (4MS/ch) and built-in Flash (4 GB)

Long term recording is made possible with 4 M samples/ch built-in RAM and 4 GB built-in Flash memory. It supports both USB Flash memory and SD Card memory to be used as external storage devices for recorded data for certain sampling intervals.

Approximate recording time
■ 8 channels of analog input. ■ Data is saved as a GBD file.

Memory type Data
Built-in RAM 4 M samples/ch 4 seconds 40 seconds 66 minutes 46 days
Built-in Flash memory 3.9 GB N/A N/A 2 days 6 hrs. Over 1 year
External memory (SD/USB Flash memory)* 4 GB N/A N/A 2 days 11 hrs. Over 1 year

■ 8 channels of analog input with 4 channels of Pulse input. ■ Data is saved as a GBD file.

Memory type Data
Built-in RAM 4 M samples/ch 4 seconds 40 seconds 66 minutes 46 days
Built-in Flash memory 3.9 GB N/A N/A 1 days 4 hrs. Over 1 year
External memory (SD/USB Flash memory)* 4 GB N/A N/A 1 days 7 hrs. Over 1 year

* When using 8 GB or larger memory, the size of data file will be up to 4 GB. The Relay mode enables extended recording time.


Convenient Data Recording Functions

Memory division function

Built-in RAM can be divided into 1, 2, 4, or 8 blocks with multiple high-speed recording measurement using the trigger function.

 Single block 
When multiple measurements are executed, the captured data is overwritten in memory block 1.
 Divided into 8 blocks 
When multiple measurements are executed, recorded data is stored in the next memory block.

Ring mode

Saves most recent data of specified number after recording stops.

 Number of capturing data  1000 to 10000000 data
* When using built-in RAM, 10 to 4000000 data

Relay mode

Save data to multiple files with specified capturing time or file size (up to 4 GB) until recording data is stopped.

Save & replay data in CSV format

Captured data can be saved with GBD (binary) and CSV (text) format. CSV format file can be played on GL980 and opened with spreadsheet software.

Data backup and hot swaps

The data file can be created periodically for purpose of backing up data while recording it, and the file is automatically transferred to another storage device on the unit or FTP server on the network.
Back up recording dataBackup interval: 1, 2, 6, 12, 24 hour(s)
Backup file destination: Built-In Flash memory, SD memory card, USB memory device, FTP server
Data file format: GBD (binary) or CSV (text)
* The CSV format and FTP server are available with firmware version 1.14 or rater.
• Available sampling speed is the 100 ms or slower when using the CSV format.
• When the RING mode or external pulse synchronization sampling is selected for recording, the backup function is not available.
• The storage device specified as the recording destination of the measurement data can not be set as the transfer destination of the backup file.
• When backup is enabled and data file format is specified with CSV format, SD memory card exchange (hot-swapping) and RELAY recording are not available.

Auto save function

Recorded data saved in a built-in RAM is automatically copied as data file to a built-in Flash memory, SD Flash memory card or USB Flash memory with auto save function. An SD Flash memory card or a USB Flash memory can be used as a backup location when using the built-in RAM. The process will prevent losing any data captured in the built-in RAM by any overwrite or power cycles.

Search function

The search function can locate a specific value within the captured data as well as finding abnormal values within data of a long-recorded file.

 Search content 
Search for analog signal levels, logic signal pattern, pulse signal levels or alarm point in captured data.

Analog signal channel: Signal levels in each channel
・Search mode: raising, falling, window-in, window-out
Logic signal channel: Signal level (H or L) in each channel
Pulse signal channel: Signal levels in each channel
・Search mode: raising, falling, window-in, window-out
Alarm: Alarm detected point on selected alarm signal output channel


Equipped with Ethernet (LAN) and USB interface to communicate with PC

Convenient function with LAN (Ethernet interface) capability

When GL980 is connected to LAN using the Ethernet interface, networked computer can monitor real-time measured value, transfer files, and change set ups without using application software (GL980_2000-APS software).

Web server function

GL980 can be controlled externally via a network on the WEB browser, which also supports real-time monitoring and ability to use the menu buttons.

FTP server function

File in available storage device on GL980 except built-in RAM can be transferred or deleted from the PC.

NTP client function

The clock on the GL980 is periodically synchronized with the NTP server.

Email sending function

Send information when alarm occurs, or when battery is low, or when communication speed drops, or to notify when the space becomes limited on the storage device by an e-mail to specified address. Information can also be sent periodically by settings.

USB Drive Mode to Easily Transfer Files to PC

USB drive mode

The USB drive mode function allows simple data transfer to the PC from built-in Flash memory and SD Flash memory card which acts as USB Flash drive on GL980. It also allows o add, remove, and delete files from storage device on GL980 from PC file browsing explorer.

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